Kickstarting tick-the-box greeting cards for unusual occasions and nuanced sentiments

The always-brilliant David Malki ! of Wondermark writes "I love greeting cards, but what if you need one for a super unusual occasion, or have a very nuanced sentiment you want to convey? The answer: Tick-the-option greeting cards, made in the Wondermark style! They're so utilitarian, I like to think if you keep a few on hand, you'll be prepared for ANYTHING that comes up."

I've made a 6-design variety set for year-round use, and also a set of holiday-specific cards for December. The sets come in beautiful, unbranded, foil-stamped boxes that you can keep and use for other things.

I'm really proud of these cards and I hope you like them too!! Thanks!

Multi-Purpose, All-Occasion Greeting Cards
[David Malki !/Kickstarter]