"I'm sorry, I'm a coward. I didn't want to die." Patty Hearst interview, animated

David and I love Blank on Blank, a video series that animates recorded interviews with notable people. It's produced by PBS Digital Studios, and the latest one is a 1982 interview with kidnapping victim Patty Hearst, who served time in prison for being forced to take part in a bank robbery by her captors, the psychotic Symbionese Liberation Army.

At Hearst's trial, U.S. Attorney James L. Browning, Jr. — who applied for his post because he had become "distressed by what he considered federal laxness toward civil disobedience, and encouraged by his politically conservative mother" — didn't think being threatened with death, beaten to unconsciousness, brainwashed, and raped in a closet while blindfolded by her captors when Hearst was 19 years old was a good enough excuse. Hearst was sentenced to prison for seven years.

From Wikipedia:

President Jimmy Carter's commutation of her sentence to the 22 months served freed Hearst eight months before she would have had a parole hearing. The 1979 release was under stringent conditions. President Ronald Reagan reportedly gave serious consideration to pardoning Hearst. She recovered full rights when President Bill Clinton granted her a pardon on January 20, 2001.