Crosley Cruiser – Vintage-inspired portable turntable

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Crosley makes a line of vintage-inspired portable turntables in great colors and prints. Thanks to variable speed settings, each player can handle your perennial 78s as well as your newly pressed Hozier record. They even come fully loaded with an adapter for your Lemonheads 45s.

With built-in speakers, you need only the turntable, your album of choice, and a power outlet. If you prefer to listen to Tori Amos on full size speakers, the player also has a stereo output discreetly hidden in back.

If your spouse or partner doesn't find the hisses and pops of vinyl recordings charming, the headphone jack allows you to immerse yourself in Paul's Boutique while pretending you're only pending obligation is a paper on Faulkner and feminism. And because no urban hipster is complete without a little irony, your vintage-inspired record play comes equipped with an input for your MP3 player. You will have to provide your own mustache and slouchy beanie, however.

– Elly Lonon

Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable


3 speeds, 9 colors

$80 Buy a copy on Amazon