Reminder: other people can see your likes and favorites on social networking

The case at hand is Instagram, where gentlemen often realize too late that their friends and family know when they like pictures of scantily-clad barely-legals.

I'd never reached the level of boredom, or stalkerdom, that led me to the Following tab on the Activity page — the place where you can see what posts the people you follow are liking.

Never, until a friend complained that not only was the guy she was dating constantly liking the swimsuit photos of random 17-year-old girls, but, as she breathlessly informed me, so were many of our mutual male friends and acquaintances! "Anytime you wake up early, just look," she advised, shaking her head. "You won't believe it."

Suddenly, the Following tab became much more interesting.

Welcome to the nasty karma of social networking: Facebook encourages us to be an active consumer of other people's privacy failures, and when we do so, it turns us into the next dish.

P.S. That feeling when a new friend or follower rifles through old pics of you, liking their way backwards through the years, roughly until the age of consent.

P.P.S. When PR people and journalists and peers friend you but never actually say anything. "Just browsing" in the shopfront of life!