Taco Bell exec fired after assaulting Uber driver

Benjamin Golden (32) of Newport Beach, California lost his job as a marketing executive for Taco Bell after he was recorded on video violently assaulting his Uber driver.

A dashcam video shows a frustrated Uber driver trying to take Golden home, but Golden is apparently too drunk to give the driver directions. When the driver pulls over and orders Golden to get out of the car, Golden becomes outraged and begins punching the driver in the face. Golden doesn't stop attacking the driver until the driver pepper sprays him, after which Golden quickly gets out of the car.

A spokesperson for the Mexican restaurant chain said, "Given the behavior of the individual, it is clear he can no longer work for us. We have also offered and encouraged him to seek professional help."

The driver is suing Golden for "assault, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress."

Prosecutors in California also filed criminal charges against Golden.

From CNBC:

Golden's LinkedIn account is no longer available, and his Twitter link was blocked from public sight, but on a cached version of his Twitter page, he describes himself with a simple statement: "Sushi lover. Bourbon drinker. The end."

Golden's lawyer issued a predictable statement, apologizing on behalf of Golden for "slapping" the driver:

"Mr. Golden would like to sincerely apologize to Mr. Caban for the events that took place on October 30, 2015. Mr. Golden recognizes that despite his level of intoxication, he should have never slapped Mr. Caban and is extremely remorseful for his actions.

"We are hoping to meet privately with Mr. Caban to convey personally Mr. Golden's apology and deep regret."

"We want the public to understand this is an isolated incident in Mr. Golden's life and not the type of conduct he engages in, personally or professionally."

"Mr. Golden has worked hard to live a life of compassion, respect and professionalism and understands the damage that this incident has done."

"Mr. Golden accepts full responsibility for his actions and understands the consequences that may occur as a result," the letter read.

Here's the full video: