Transport yourself to a whole new, virtual world through your smartphone with the Homido virtual reality headset

Immerse yourself in the virtual environment of your dreams with just your smartphone and the impressive, high-quality Homido Virtual Reality Headset. This futuristic gadget transforms videos and games on your screen into full interactive experiences. Watch 360° spherical videos to see in any direction, enjoy 3D movies, and full freedom of movement thanks to the wireless connectivity. You can take down the bad guy in your favorite game with your own hands, or sit in the center of the crowd for a live concert. Never play games or watch movies from afar again, live the experience with Homido.

  • Watch your favorite 3D movies w/ binocular-vision-mode & two stereoscopic lenses
  • Immerse yourself in the middle of a crowd, underwater, or wherever your heart desires w/ 360˚ videos
  • Combine 3D & 360˚ head-tracking for a whole new gaming experience
  • Customize the vision w/ farsighted & nearsighted settings
  • Use it wirelessly as you maneuver about
  • Immerse yourself in virtual reality w/ 100% Field View
  • Adjust the distance between the two lenses & change out the face contact foam for a custom fit
  • Attach your smartphone w/ the locking clip for safety
  • Find a new game to play or an exciting environment to explore in the Homido Center w/ 300 app options

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