Erotic ebooks about copyright notices, Clippy and Tetris blocks

Coaxed by the Copyright Page: An Erotic Short Story is Leonard Delaney's latest erotic short story, part four in the Digital Desires series, which includes Taken by the Tetris Blocks, Conquered by Clippy and Invaded by the Iwatch — they're $2.32 each.

Christie Aackerlund is missing. Her friends are worried, and so are her past lovers. One of them has been working as a copyright page, and has some stories to tell about its time with Christie.

Sexy stories set the mood for sexy times, and soon the copyright page is ready to explore how humans make copies of themselves.

This 3000 word short story draws the reader into its sexual grasp, and is for super mature audiences only.

Digital Desires [Leonard Delaney]

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)