Former Police Captain Ray Lewis joins Anonymous at Million Mask March

Meet the Anonycop!

A former Philadelphia police captain, Ray Lewis, joined the Million Mask March Thursday in Washington D.C. Donning the Anonymous mask, Lewis participated in the march from beginning to end. Speaking to the crowd before the march began, Lewis says that his position as a former cop makes him uniquely qualified to spread Anonymous's message to mainstream America.

Lewis has participated in several other activist causes, including Occupy Wall Street and the protests in Ferguson over the death of Freddie Gray.

News2Share has released several videos and photos from yesterday's "Million Mask March" in Washington D.C.

Protestors breaking a window at the EPA headquarters:

Anonymous fighting with security and police at Monsanto HQ:

Anonymous activists pausing march to give food and money to homeless man:

Highlight reel of clashes with police:

Article including full photo gallery