An audio murder mystery game where you walk to find clues

Wonderland is a wonderful idea for a game. It's an old-timey audio drama that lets you solve a puzzle at the and of each chapter—and if you can't, you can walk with your phone to get clues.

The story itself, set in 1914 Toronto, stars a projectionist at the Wonderland movie theatre who takes it upon himself to solve a murder. As an experience, it's designed for walking and listening—like a podcast you play with, although it has some cool old-style photography involved, too. You can sample a listen of the first chapter here to get a feel for the experience.

It's really interesting when people use the possibilities of portable devices to develop new ideas around interactive fiction games. Wonderland is "a Solvitur Ambulando mystery" (Solvitur Ambulando means "walking solves it"), so it's possible creator Jim Munroe and team might imagine more walking-and-listening games in this format if this one does well.

Wonderland for iOS is $2.99 on the App Store.