Cheap earbuds that outperform $1,000 alternatives

Wired recommends the Mrice E300 earbuds, a cheapie ($17-25) option that outperforms many headphones that cost over $1000 (!).

I've done this sort of review work for Wired before — I used to do annual roundups of multitools and other gadgets — and I found this kind of thing to be true all the time: a manufacturer, by luck or skill, hits on a combo that makes a cheap product much better than it has any right to be. For example, the word of cheap mini-amps is full of super-low-cost options that beat devices that cost ten times more.

These Mrice E300 earbuds cost between $17 and $25, depending on where you buy them and which color you choose. They're cheap as hell, but we found they outperform some name brand models costing ten times as much. Great for working out, commuting, and everyday use. These things have sound quality to burn. So cheap, you can throw them around like dice and give them away as party favors.

Mrice E300 earbuds

The Best CHEAP Earbuds [Wired]