Watch this 5-year-old car mechanic replace a wheel bearing on dad's car

Phoenix, who is in kindergarten, replaces a wheel bearing on his daddy's 2001 Corolla.

I would trust this 5 year old boy with my car more than I'd trust any auto mechanic I've ever taken any of my cars to ever.


From the "Phoenix and Dad" YouTube channel, proceeds of which go to Phoenix's education says dad:

Phoenix, the kindergarten mechanic, replaces a faulty front wheel bearing on Dad's 2001 Toyota Corolla. Who needs educational toys when you can work on the real thing?

This is the instructional and fully captioned version. There is a just-for-fun 2-minute version here.

Phoenix is *NOT* a certified mechanic. Neither is Dad. Consult a qualified mechanic and follow your vehicle's service manual if you should choose to attempt any repair work. Although Phoenix did his best to fix this car correctly, he was 5 years and 4 months old at the time we filmed this educational experience. For your own safety, don't assume any part of this video is correct.

The service manual for this vehicle can be viewed at the official Toyota technical support site.
And, yes, the car ran correctly after his repair.

Short version below.