Bob Ross lorem ipsum text generator

The legendary painter and educator has inspired a placeholder text generator based upon his calm yet encouraging dialogue. Friendlier than the classic lorem ipsum, it should provide all the happy little texts you ever need.

When things happen – enjoy them. They're little gifts. In this world, everything can be happy. All you have to do is let your imagination go wild. Look around. Look at what we have. Beauty is everywhere you only have to look to see it.

There is immense joy in just watching – watching all the little creatures in nature. Don't be afraid to make these big decisions. Once you start, they sort of just make themselves. These things happen automatically. All you have to do is just let them happen.

Go out on a limb – that's where the fruit is. We don't need any guidelines or formats. All we need to do is just let it flow right out of us. Didn't you know you had that much power? You can move mountains. You can do anything. Don't kill all your dark areas – you need them to show the light. That is when you can experience true joy, when you have no fear.

The very fact that you're aware of suffering is enough reason to be overjoyed that you're alive and can experience it. In your imagination you can go anywhere you want. In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. But when I get home, the only thing I have power over is the garbage. If you don't like it – change it. It's your world.

With practice comes confidence. Work on one thing at a time. Don't get carried away – we have plenty of time. It's a super day, so why not make a beautiful sky? Let all these little things happen. Don't fight them. Learn to use them.

Follow the lay of the land. It's most important. I really believe that if you practice enough you could paint the 'Mona Lisa' with a two-inch brush. Sometimes you learn more from your mistakes than you do from your masterpieces. The least little bit can do so much. From all of us here, I want to wish you happy painting and God bless, my friends.

This is your creation – and it's just as unique and special as you are. You can create anything that makes you happy. I can't think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting. If what you're doing doesn't make you happy – you're doing the wrong thing.