Kickstarting Braille RPG dice

Emily writes, "64oz Games is working once again to improve Braille accessibility in popular board games, this time in tabletop RPGs. This kickstarter will allow them to purchase a high resolution 3d printer to produce a polyhedral die set (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20 & Percentile) with Braille as well as print numbers. This will also allow them to continue to produce high quality Braille teaching materials that improve Braille literacy world wide."

There's more to this than just putting Braille glyphs on the dice — they have to remain balanced! $10 gets you one die, $50 gets you a whole set. The rewards are danged cool, too, including Braille dice earrings!

Producing accessible game materials is something that 64oz games has experience in. In 2014, 64oz Games ran their first successful kickstarter to create accessibility kits for popular board games. They 250% overfunded but still delivered all rewards 3 months early. This husband and wife team work out of their home in their spare time. He is a board game designer and enthusiast, she is a teacher of the visually impaired. They are uniquely suited for this project because it combines both of their passions.

Braille RPG Dice [64 Oz. Games/Kickstarter]