Hive Pocket – a strategy tile-laying game with bugs that you can play anywhere

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Hive Pocket is a strategy and tile-laying game for two players. It's the more portable version of the original game, Hive, with a couple of expansion pieces and a cloth bag for transport. The base game has 11 pieces, with a queen and several other pieces that move differently around the board. The grasshopper jumps over straight lines of pieces, the ant can move anywhere on the outside of the board, the spider can move 3 spaces at a time around the outside and so on. You'll be attempting to surround the opposing queen bee to win the game. There's 2 expansion pieces that are optional to the base game.

Hive falls into a category of easy to learn, and difficult to master. The game typically doesn't take the full 20 minutes, as there's an emphasis on turn economy, or getting the most out of your moves so that you're not one move behind the other player, but frequently it turns into not being able to stop someone from winning. I've had games run way longer when someone devises a new strategy that they want to try out. I have the pocket edition because it's easy enough to throw in something to bring along. The tiles are hearty and the bag is showing no signs of wear. Not having a board also makes it so that you can play while waiting for food, in an extremely small area.

– James Orr

Hive Pocket – A strategy tile-laying game that's easy to learn, difficult to master

Hive Pocket


Ages 9 and up, 2 players, 20 minutes

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