Iconic 1960s spaceship house now a venue for discussing the future

Craig Barnes, a grad student at Central St Martins in Kings Cross, London, bought and refurbished one of the last 60 Futuro houses, originally designed in the 1960s as modular ski chalets by famed Finnish architect Matti Suuronen.

The spaceship-shaped home — part of the gorgeous tradition of flying-saucer architecture that includes Buckminster Fuller's amazing Dymaxion house — is now installed on the roof terrace of Central St Martins, where it serves as a meeting room/presentation space in which to hold seminars about the house of the future (among other futuristic subjects).

Tickets to the lecture series are £3 each.

In a year of future-gazing, everyone attending performances, talks and events at the Futuro house will be encouraged "to speculate on future possibilities and inevitabilities". This will culminate in a Slivers of the Future chronicle recording ideas on what the future might hold on CSM's Futuro website .

"The pure fun of having a flying saucer on our roof will generate some fantastical projects by the students, as well as thought-provoking and challenging debate on where we go from here," says Prof Till. "It brings a smile to everyone who sees it, and acts as a catalyst for future thought and action."

Welcome to the Futuro house
[Jill Papworth/The Guardian]

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