Man in police custody died after being tased 20 times in 30 minutes

A Virginia man who died in police custody was tased 20 times in 30 minutes, according to a civil rights lawsuit filed by his sister.

Linwood Lambert, 46, was tased 10 times within 2 minutes at one point during his arrest, racking up a total of 87 seconds of electrical discharge: enough, according to federal guidelines, to inflict serious injury or death.

Lambert was detained after officers responded to a noise complaint and found him to be delusional, according to police reports. Transported to hospital, however, he became aggressive, kicking out a car window and "sprinting roughly 20 feet towards the ER entrance and crashing into the building's glass doors."

Video footage acquired by MSNBC shows what happened next: the officers tased him over and over again, then decided to arrest him and leave instead of taking him into the hospital.

During the incident, Lambert appears subdued on the ground and tells police he used cocaine earlier in the night. As Lambert lies on the ground outside of the hospital, police arrest him for disorderly conduct and destruction of property. Instead of taking him into the hospital to receive care they put him back into the police car.

During the incident Lambert repeatedly asked police to stop. "Why are you trying to kill me man," Lambert said in the video. "Please don't do this to me."

During the ride to the police station, Lambert appears to be unconscious and the officers realize he is in distress. An ambulance is called to take him back to the hospital and he is pronounced dead at 6:23 a.m., according to MSNBC.

The medical examiner ruled that he died of a cocaine overdose, despite an autopsy finding "less than 0.01 mg/L" of the drug in his system. No-one has been disciplined or charged in connection with his death.

Police video shows Lambert shackled and subdued in the car, apparently restrained, as officers warn him again and tell him to sit up.

"Act like you got some sense," says one officer. Another warns, "sit up or I'm going to tase you again." Reaching into the car with two Tasers, the officers tase Lambert as he slumps down in the seat.… In addition to the video, nurses on the scene say they saw "three officers" tasing Lambert "at one time," according to hospital records obtained by MSNBC.

South Boston Police Chief James Binner wrote that it was an appropriate use of force.

"The deployments of Tasers when a subject has become violent, causing damage to property and placing the safety of persons at risk, as was the case with Linwood Lambert Jr., is appropriate and necessary use of force," according to [his] response.