The Womanizer: amazing new kind of orgasm-inducing sex-toy with a dumb name

The Womanizer is a new, $189 sex toy billed as a "clitoral stimulator." While woman reviewers universally hate the name and many dislike the leopard-spotted finish, they are universal in their acclaim of the Womanizer's ability to give them fast, powerful orgasms.

The Womanizer's business-end is a small, vibrating gentle suction cup that fits directly over the clitoral hood. As Oh Joy Sex Toy's Erica Moen describes it, "it forces your clit to get a raging erection without the usual arousal lead up, it's the closest I've ever empathized with having a spontaneous teenage boner."

Moen calls it "a tiny clit blowjob machine" and says "it made me come long and hard." Ultimately, she doesn't like it for her because it makes her orgasms too easy, skipping the enjoyable build-up and jumping "straight to the physical act of climaxing."

Other reviewers consider this a feature and not a bug, and every review I've read agrees that, however one feels about the pace of the orgasms The Womanizer evinces, it certainly does produce them, on demand, quickly, and powerfully, in a way that no other sex toy can claim. The fact that it looks like a crack pipe and has a name that suggests a pick-up artist douchebro can't change that.

Womanizer [Good Vibrations]

(Image: Oh Joy Sex Toy)