Listen to all the strange music on the internet, randomly

Metaratr serves up the unlistened-to work of amateur and prospective musicians on Soundcloud. Who knows—maybe you'll be the one to discover the next Justin Bieber!

M E T A R A T R is a site where you find songs you've probably never listened or wanted to listen to. pick a name and password and click one of the five buttons below over and over again! there's even a leaderboard, maybe.

You can ask it to give you only terrible music, if you like. You may also assign favor, as the name suggests. The first item served up for me was Stop Bringing Me Waffles by caj formal, which seems exactly the sort of thing the internet was invented for.

Top o' the Metaratr chart, though, is a lovely bloopy synth track, SC009 Maxo – Eddy Vancouver by Activia Benz.

Metaratr doesn't seem to work in Chrome, but maybe it's just having some trouble today with all the hits. Firefox worked fine for me.

Photo: Shutterstock