Kickstarting a new science fiction magazine from the propietors of Singularity & Co

The people behind Brooklyn's brilliant science fiction bookstore Singularity & Co are looking to raise $60,000 to launch a new science fiction quarterly magazine called the Tycho Journal.

They plan on an 8.5×11", perfect bound, stylish, gorgeous magazine featuring original fiction, comics, essays and features. 32% of the money they raise is earmarked to pay editors and creators for the magazine.

Singularity & Co made its name by cowdfunding the money to research the copyrights on brilliant, out-of-print science fiction classics, pay the rightsholders, and release them as shareable ebooks. They've got a good track record for promising exiciting things and delivering on their promises.

$25 gets you the first issue.

Each issue of TYCHO will be a visually compelling love letter to all things science fiction and will feature:

Brand new fiction (along with a lost classic or two)

Original comics

Beautifully presented mini-retrospectives of works by artists, illustrators, and photographers

Long-form interviews with authors, artists, musicians, screenwriters, scientists, and directors

And smart and compelling features, essays, and journalism exploring the crossroads of science fiction and film, music, philosophy, science, futurism, art, and more.

Tycho Journal – Help to reinvent the sci-fi magazine! [Kickstarter]