J Edgar Hoover was angry that the Boy Scouts didn't thank him effusively enough

Michael from Muckrock writes, "From Boy Scouts to movie stars, no one was safe from J. Edgar Hoover's all-watching surveillance apparatus at the FBI — or his sharp tongue. MuckRock has put together a collection of his most biting insults to serve up at Thanksgiving, in case you need to put any of the in-laws on notice."

The Washington Post — "The usual misinformation characteristic of the Wash Post."

Anonymous Slanderer [unnamed source who claimed to have some incriminating diary entries regarding Hoover's "little parties at the Knickerbocker."] — "Put up or shut up. He is a vicious and garrulous old gossip."

Boy Scouts of America [mad that the Boy Scouts weren't specifically effusive enough in their thank you note] — "Their recent resolution was so general it didn't mean anything."

Burn Notice: J. Edgar Hoover's best insults

[Jpat Brown/Muckrock]