Ditch plastic food containers and get a 10 piece Pyrex set for $(removed)

About a year ago my family started replacing plastic leftover containers with pyrex containers and we have been really happy with them. Read the rest

Never before published photos from Psychedelic Conference II in Santa Barbara, 1983

Photos by Cynthia Palmer. Read the rest

Arcadia Quest – Reclaim the throne from the vampire lord and his goblin army

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In Arcadia Quest, the mighty city of Arcadia has fallen to a foul vampire lord, Lord Fang, and his army of orcs, goblins and other monsters. They control the entire city, but the guilds of the city aren't going to take it laying down. There's loot to be had, and a throne to reclaim. The guild that does it sets themselves up in a position of power in the new regime. You'll guide a guild of three drafted heroes through six campaign-style missions with and against up to three opponents, attempting to complete objectives and gain power by fighting all comers.

The miniatures in the game are exceptional, with the individual sculpts for the heroes being incredible. The game play is tense, too. You weigh pursuing goals with not wanting to rush in and get the objectives, only to have the opponent's fresher guild members come in right after you and take it from you. The scenarios are well balanced and the map design is set up to not favor any particular side. Being able to grow your heroes and build them up, getting better armor and abilities is exceptionally appealing. You'll build rivalries with your fellow players, but they still need your firepower to help complete the missions, or at least need you to not be at their flanks while they fight the monsters. Win the day, for Arcadia – and also fat loots, and power.

– James Orr

Arcadia Quest

by Cool Mini or Not

Ages 14 and up, 2-4 players, 45-60 minutes

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When a freight ship loses control of its anchor, bad things happen

This video appears to be a freighter's anchor being lost as it is dropped. The situation just gets worse and worse as the chain's momentum increases and whatever braking mechanisms exist fail. Soon, metal is on fire, and it seems clear that it is now time to back away from the gigantic runaway anchor chain whose back end components are likely to go places unknown when they emerge from the ship. Yet our intrepid shooter keeps filming!

I see no gloves, goggles, hard hats or fear, and thereby suspect this involves Russians.

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Relive the thrill of using Windows 95 in this office simulator

Remember back in the heady days of the mid-1990s, when playing computer games felt like running around in a endless maze of cardboard walls? Relive it today in Payroll, a game that simulates both the excitement of working in an office building, and the thrill of running Windows 95, complete with 640x480 pixel resolution and sound effects ripped from an Adlib sound card. Read the rest

Five shot at Black Lives Matter protest; white gunmen sought

Five protestors were shot Monday while protesting the recent shooting death of a black man. Police are looking for three white suspects. The victims' injuries are reportedly not life-threatening.

“Tonight, white supremacists attacked the ‪#‎4thPrecinctShutDown‬ in an act of domestic terrorism. We won’t be intimidated.” Black Lives Matter Minneapolis wrote on Facebook. The Washington Post reports that those shot were protesting outside a police station.

A video recorded by a journalist at the scene showed people fleeing from the shooting — then screaming for an ambulance. A young African American man was seen writhing in pain with an apparent gunshot wound to the leg while fellow protesters — then police and paramedics — tried to help.

Details of the shooting, however, remain murky.

Oluchi Omeoga, a young protester who has participated in the demonstrations since last Monday, said she witnessed the incident.

Omeoga and her fellow protesters saw three people wearing masks who “weren’t supposed to be there,” she told the Associated Press. When the three interlopers left the crowd and began walking down the street, a few protesters followed them. But when the three men reached a corner, she said, they pulled out weapons and fired at the protesters.

The shootings come two days after another Black Lives Matter protestor was attacked at a political rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who suggested afterward the victim needed to be "roughed up." Read the rest

WTO rules against US dolphin-safe tuna labels because they're unfair to Mexican fisheries

The barb in trade agreements' tail is the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) system, which lets companies sue governments to repeal rules that interfere with their profitability. It's let tobacco giants fight anti-smoking campaigns, and now it's letting fisheries attack rules aimed at preventing the wholesale slaughter of dolphins. Read the rest

Shamrock shake: Pfizer's Irish "unpatriotic loophole" ducks US taxes

Pfizer's used a tax-dodge called a "reverse-inversion" to sell itself to a much smaller, Irish pharma company, moving its corporate nationality to Ireland at the stroke of a pen. Read the rest

The smell of books in a spray, lotion or candle

Smell of Books is an amusing selection of imaginary fragrances for bilibiophiles, with names such as "classic musty" and "eau you have cats."

"Have you been avoiding e-books because they just don’t smell right?," the site asks. "…all of that is changing thanks to Smell of Books™, a revolutionary new aerosol e-book enhancer."

If you're wanting the real thing, though, count yourself lucky. The Demeter Fragrance Library, a selection of novelty perfumes and colognes, sells a scent called Paperback in all sorts of different product variations.

There are also, allegedly, scented candles to help evoke the high of the smell of old paper.

Lignin is apparently the magic ingredient: The chemical composition of "Old Book Smell" Read the rest

The Everyday Carry Card is a real tool for real jobs and it's TSA approved

Carrying this EDC card is like slinging around a handheld toolbox wherever you go. Its minimal design is small enough to fit in your wallet’s billfold, and it’s TSA-compliant so you’ll never leave it behind. It’s got hex wrenches, metric and imperial rulers, flathead and Phillip’s screwdrivers, and a bottle opener so that you’re ready when your car blows a fuse, your bike can’t seem to stay in gear, or you just need to pop a brew. In any case, you’ll always be prepared. Boy Scout’s honor.

30 tools, like closed & open hex drivers, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a lanyard, a pry bar & rulers to help you out in a pinch 2.84mm thickness easily fits in nearly any wallet TSA-compliant design sends you smoothly through airport security Military-grade S35VN stainless steel blade is corrosion-resistant & incredibly durable Unique torque position gets into tough hex fixtures Finger & thumb grips maximize ergonomics O-ring system for unique tasks using hex bit shanks Blade designed for edge retention

Get your very own Everyday Carry Card for 35% off in the Boing Boing Store. 

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Square, lightweight plastic flask from Stanley

I've been using Stanley's classic flask for years (I literally packed one, full of nice bourbon, in my suitcase this morning for the Melbourne/Sydney/Berlin trip I'm leaving on tonight), and I have no complaints: it's beautiful, easy to close, and rugged. Read the rest

Steady B, Life in Prison

A 1980's rapper pulls a caper and pays the consequences in this week's Hip Hop Family Tree strip.

Randall "XCKD" Munroe's Thing Explainer: delightful exploded diagrams labelled with simple words

Randall "XKCD" Munroe's Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words arrives in stores today: it combines technical diagrams and wordplay in pure display of everything that makes XKCD brilliant and wonderful in every way.