Boing Boing readers already know about MakieLab, the startup where my friends and I make 3D printed, customizable dolls called Makies.

We made Makies to do something about the lack of fashion dolls for kids who like math, STEM, adventuring and making things (as well as everything else they like anyway).

And now there's new arrivals into our Makies Store this Black Friday: four new Careers packs, four new Makies Original Fashion packs, new accessories, and more new stuff arriving every week!

Makies let kids (and adults) create their own characters: themselves, their friends, characters from their imaginations…
Choose from veterinarian, photographer, archaeologist or musician, or pick and mix from the varied accessories and outfits in the store already to create a character that will be manufactured just for you, and you alone.

Give the gift of a unique doll, or the gift of making a Makie with Makies Gift Cards, and watch your loved ones build a doll like no other!

SPECIAL for Boing Boing readers: buy a Makie this holidays and get a secret gift along with your Makie! Here's how: 1) Make your Makie as normal, then add the Secret Gift to your basket, and finally use BOINGBOINGMAKIES at checkout to discount the Secret Gift to FREE! w00t!