HOWTO pack a suit so it doesn't wrinkle

If you have to travel with a suit and don't fancy ironing it when you arrive, you can use one of two methods (depending on the size of your suitcase) to pack it so that it unpacks ready to wear.

For an average size suitcase

1. Lay down one half on the bottom of the suitcase, leaving the other half out.

2. Layer in the other clothes you are bringing and then fold the top half of the suit or dress over it.

3. You can layer more items for the arms and pants. The padding between folds will prevent creases.

For a small bag
1. Invert one shoulder and tuck the other shoulder inside the inverted one making sure the top seam and lapels are aligned.

2. Then fold the suit in half.

3. Then fold the trousers around the suit and it’s all ready to pack.

The Best Ways to Pack a Suit or Dress So It Won't Wrinkle
[Jesus Diaz/Lifehacker]