Wikipedia Russia suspends editor who tried to cut deal with Russian authorities

A Wikipedia editors has been suspended after he organized a meeting with the Russian Federal Drug Control Service (as well as Rospotrebnadzor, a consumer rights watchdog, and Roskomnadzor, a media watchdog) to set terms under which "the expert opinion of authorized government bodies" would be inserted into Wikipedia entires on “socially sensitive” topics.

The topics included "drugs and child pornography."

Russia had previously blocked access to Wikipedia over an article about hashish that Wikipedians refused to censor, and later unblocked it in the face of popular outrage.

But Russian Wikipedia said via its official Twitter blog that it did not support the move, adding that the organizer of the meeting, identified as Samal, had been “indefinitely blocked” from the website.

Russian Wikipedia Suspends Editor Who Cut Deal With Authorities
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