UK votes to start bombing Syria

Anti-war protesters demonstrate outside UK Parliament in London, Dec. 2, 2015. REUTERS

Within hours or days, the UK plans to begin bombing Syria.

After an extensive debate, UK lawmakers have voted 397-223 to join France in the US-led international military campaign against the Islamic State or ISIS, aka “Daesh.”

From the Financial Times:

Britain will launch air strikes against Isis extremists in Syria within hours after MPs endorsed by a majority of 174 David Cameron’s plan to bomb what he called “medieval murderers”.

After a day of high drama at Westminster, dozens of Labour MPs ignored their leader Jeremy Corbyn and backed military action; Britain will now join France in a US-led coalition committed to attacking Isis in its heartlands.

For Mr Cameron the 397 to 223 victory came as a huge relief, helping to erase the painful memory of his Commons defeat over Syria in 2013, when he lost a vote to start bombing Bashar al-Assad’s forces.

The result came at the end of a passionate and acrimonious debate lasting 10½ hours, in which Mr Corbyn claimed that extending RAF action from Iraq to Syria would increase the risk of Isis attacks in the UK.