Get this ultra thin RFID protected wallet for just $35

While large wallets can cause awkward pocket bulges, slim versions that only fit 2-3 cards can be pretty useless. Meet Hover: a thin wallet that both looks good and works like a dream. Easily store at least 10 cards and quickly access them with a "floating" ribbon you pull to drag your cards out of the wallet sleeve. Made of genuine leather and lined with RFID-blocking fiber that blocks on-the-go identity theft, Hover isn't just your typical wallet—it's a work of pure craftsmanship.

  • Store at least 10 cards in your wallet
  • Quickly extract any card using "floating" card design
  • Keep bills in 3 places: 2 outside sleeves & a middle storage
  • Protect from credit card theft w/ RFID-blocking fiber
  • Discreetly keep in your pocket: stays invisible when inserted
  • Enjoy the craftsmanship of a genuine leather exterior

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