Jeb Bush internet domain now redirects to Donald Trump's campaign website

The 2016 GOP candidates have had a slew of embarrassing domain name losses, but the sudden redirect of to today is pretty epic.

The domain now re-directs to Trump's campaign website. Currently, displays The Donald holding up a peace sign with his campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

Daily Caller appears to have been first to report.

CNN says the domain was offered at one point for $250,000, and the Bush campaign failed to or chose to not register it, instead going with

The domain name is currently registered to PTY Ltd., a firm that manages domain accounts. The company's website says "Fabulous specializes in generating revenue through pay per click (PPC) links from the traffic your domains receive."

Who bought and redirected it to Maybe the Trump campaign, maybe a rich or well connected supporter or group of supporters, who knows.

As the Verge notes,

Previously, the domain was swept away by someone who wanted to highlight layoffs under the former HP CEO, while Rand Paul was reportedly forced to pay out more than $100,000 for Currently, the domain goes to a pro-Obama site.