MAKE: a tiki-mug menorah

Polyhai's tutorial for creating a tiki-mug menorah is all the sholem aloha you need for eight nights of candlelit grog-swilling.

The process: cut wood to size and sand, screw in place, cover in rattan sections, glue on decorations, select the right tiki mugs from your vast collection of same, fill them with sand, add candles and voila!

This year's Judiasic-themed art project is simple to make and a blast to decorate. Plus, there is great joy in deciding which of nine Tiki mugs from your (no doubt) vast collection to use as your menorah's candle-holders. There is a massive amount of room for creativity with this project because each year you can display totally different mugs. For example, in the menorah pictured here, we selected mugs that represented dear friends, events and places that are particularly important in our hearts this year. You can do the same, or create a completely different mug theme when choosing which nine mugs you want to feature. We built this menorah in just an hour, then spent another hour or so decorating it, with leftover bits of Tiki ephemera saved from other various projects. This is a crafty way to use up those little bits of tapa cloth, matting, shell leis, etc. Work them into this menorah!

Tiki Mug Menorah: a How-To from Poly Hai