The iHome Kineta K1 – an inventive bluetooth speaker

I think we're all pretty spoiled these days when it comes to bluetooth streaming technology. I can remember waiting in line for one of the first portable, wireless speakers and being disappointed when I finally got it. The syncing was painful, the music cut in and out and the sound quality was iffy.

Since then, I've been on the lookout for a newer, more portable solution but I had to change my expectations.  When the tech first came out, our hopes were far too great. We were all looking for a speaker that could fit in the palm of our hand and sound like a home theater system.  The iHome Kineta K1 is tiny and it sounds pretty good to boot. But, don't hold your breath thinking you're going to match the $2500.00 Kefs in your living room.

I've been watching the K1 and I've seen them priced anywhere from $89.99 – 149.99.  At the lower price points it's a perfect speaker for me because of the way I handle my free time around the house.glamour2

I have a very short attention span and constantly change locations like Billy from the Family Circus Sunday comics.


What I love most about the K1 is that when it's set up and my phone is within 10 meters of it, they auto-sync.  My other wireless speakers have to be manually reconnected every day.

Another great thing about the K1 is that after using it for a few weeks, I haven't had to charge it much – which is saying a lot because each aspect of my life is tied to charging my phone.  The folks at iHome say it has up to 12 hours of playtime when you combine the internal battery with the K-cell.


What's a K-cell you ask? Good question!

Cleverly integrated into the speaker, is a rechargeable, removable power bank called the K-cell. This device within a device can be used to power your phone when it's running out of juice.


Better yet, it can even extend the life of the speakers when they're running low.  Let me repeat that last part – the speakers charge the K-cell and then the K-cell can charge the speakers later on!

Because the K-cell pops out at your command, it's like a technological nesting doll. Imagine if they designed an even tinier portable speaker inside the K-cell and then a tinier battery inside that tiny speaker.  


Sure external battery packs like the K-cell have been around for a while but they haven't been as convenient. I constantly misplace my loose battery packs after I use them because they don't have a special housing like the K1 provides.


The interface is simple but the truth is you don't need to touch it once it's on.   The features are controlled by the device that streams the music and that's exactly what you want in a speaker system. Could you imagine having to interact with your home theater speakers every 15 minutes?  It would drive you insane.

iHome seems to be the front runner of wireless bluetooth technology and right now my favorite one from the bunch is the Kineta K1.