Cats as Walking Dead characters, drawn by Doogie Horner

Illustrator Doogie Horner has a new book out called Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren't Aware Of. He says its a c"ollection of illustrated short stories about 100 impossible cat characters. Like the Alien cat, Xort, who reports back to his planet: 'Have trained my humans to feed and pet me. They suspect nothing.' Or the Mountain Climber cat, Snowball, who is planning a perilous route up the North Curtain to Mt. Bookcase. Or Mystico, the Magician cat—no one could figure out how he sawed a dog in half. (The answer was simple: He didn't like dogs.)"

Doogie asked me if I'd like him to draw some special cats for Boing Boing, and I told him I'd like some cats as Walking Dead characters. And he drew them! Can you tell who the cats represent?