Chakra the Invincible: a climate change comic for kids

"Chakra the Invincible" is the third installment in a series from the UNICEF-backed Comics Uniting Nations. It's aimed at kids and young people, and presents a diverse global perspective on the causes and results of climate change.

The story explicitly tells kids that climate disasters are on the way, and offers them measures they can take to mitigate them in their home countries, and tells them what they need to demand of the grownups around them if worse effects are to be averted.

The comic's story follows a Model United Nations group discussing the effects of climate change on children and their countries. They decide to call on their superhero friends Chakra the Invincible and Mighty Girl, who try to fix the surface of the problem — using typhoon rains from the Philippines to put out a forest fire in Indonesia. But they soon realize that climate change is too complex to address action by action, even with superpowers. Instead, each community has to learn how to work together, and do its part.

Chakra Climate Action [Graphic India]