Survey of wealthy customers leads insurer to offer "troll insurance"

Chubb's new troll rider on its elite personal insurance package for its wealthiest customers now offers up to £50,000 to cover the cost of counselling, lost income, and professional anti-troll services (forensics, reputation management) for people who are targeted by online harassers.

Chubb claims its policy is the first of its kind, though US insurers will cover their customers for losses arising from accusations of committing online harassment.

Chubb said the changes were made in response to "extensive research" about the type of protection its wealthy customers wanted. The company, founded in 1882, sold £612m-worth of insurance in the UK last year, covering high net worth individuals as well as commercial policies.

Its track record in novel insurance policies includes the first cover against losses caused by air rage incidents and a policy that protects against identity theft.

'Troll insurance' to cover the cost of internet bullying
[Marion Dakers/The Telegraph]

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