The Tor Project has a new executive director: former EFF director Shari Steele!

Shari Steele, who served as the executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation for 15 years and built the organization from a six-person shoestring operation that didn't even have an office into a fifty+ person, multimillion-dollar powerhouse, has come out of retirement to serve as the new executive director for the Tor Foundation, which oversees the Tor and Tails privacy/anonymity projects.

Steele is one of the best bosses and most capable administrators I've ever known and I'd heard rumblings that she might come on board for Tor, but even so, it was a delight to wake up this morning and see the announcement. She told me:

I just can't seem to tear myself away from the Internet freedom movement. Tor is essential to the movement, and I'm delighted to able to help them strengthen their operational side so we can continue to use Tor to protect our privacy and security on the Internet.

Go, Shari, go!

Greetings from Tor's New Executive Director [Shari Steele/Tor]