With security cam, guy catches housecleaners committing identity theft

A man in the Washington, DC area caught some housecleaners he'd hired through Handy.com photographing documents and rifling through his papers, presumably to commit identity theft.

Or, who knows, maybe they were also document archivists and wanted to be very very certain that along with the rest of the house, these papers were very very clean.

Here's the full video, from Mark Lyon.

I tried Handy.com for cleaning services in DC. After an initial good experience with another cleaner, the replacement cleaners they sent for my second visit took the time to rifle through my personal documents and drawers looking for banking, credit card and other information, then taking photos of them.

Dude, so busted with a Nest home security cam!

Holy crap. I was thinking of springing for a Nest cam to keep an eye on my dogs when they're alone in my house for a few hours, but this is flipping all my paranoia panic switches! I may Amazon one for myself right now.

Seriously, though. I've read mixed reviews since Nest was sold. I'd be interested in what DIY home spycams you have used and found to be a good deal, readers.