Uninsured driver plows through gamer's living-room wall and creams him mid-Fallout 4

Ben Rose was in the middle of a game of Fallout 4 when an uninsured driver in the parking lot outside his Irving, TX apartment building hit the accelerator instead of the brakes and crashed straight through another apartment, then through his living room wall, straight into Rose, fracturing one of his vertebra and nearly severing one of his tendons.

Rose believes he would have been killed, save for his enormous, comfy gaming chair.

He needs at least $10,000 to cover his medical expenses, and is raising money on Gofundme to cover them.

We are creating this GoFundMe to help Ben cover the significant expenses that will occur, such as deductibles for his renters' and medical insurance, as well as co-pays and fees for medical treatment (apparently, bottlecaps are insufficient for payment outside of The Wasteland). The immediate need for this assistance became abundantly clear when we discovered that items essential to his recovery and quality of life, such as a walker and wheelchair, are not currently being covered by his medical insurance due to a high deductible. We are also trying to build up a small fund to cover his normal living expenses while he is out of work to recover. As a freight delivery driver, he will need to be medically cleared before he could possibly return to work, which will likely take at least a few months of healing and physical therapy.

We love Ben. It's as simple as that. He is a dear and faithful friend, a hilarious beast, a gifted graphic designer (who created the graphics for my card game), a beloved brother and son and uncle.

For the past 9 years, he has been a dedicated and enthusiastic Texas Burner, volunteering at events, Town Halls, site preps, clean-ups, and gifting his time and creative energy to making art and awesome experiences for everyone in the community.

Hit by car while playing Fallout 4 [Gofundme]

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