Esoteric Australian political humour: Stoner Sloth vs Tony Abbot

Here's the joke: Stoner Sloth is a disastrous, tin-eared anti-marijuana ad campaign from the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Its slogan, "You're worse on weed," combined with images of a giant anthropomorphic sloth making Chewbacca noises in awkward social settings has spurred a lot of remixes.

Next: Tony Abbott is the disastrous, tin-eared former Prime Minister of Australia, ousted in a night-of-the-long-knives party coup after it became clear that his style of governance would cost the party the next election.

Abbott made numerous gaffes during his tenure in politics, but few are quite so notorious as his bizarre interview with a journalist who wanted to know what Abbott meant when he was asked what he meant when he said "shit happens" when asked about Australian soldiers who died on deployment.

Combine the two and you get this: Tony Abbot, giant sloth. A marvel of esoteric — but hilarious — Australian political mashup comedy.