Help wanted: malware researcher for U of T's Citizenlab

Ronald Deibert from the University of Toronto's Citizenlab (previously) sez, "The Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto has a job posting for a security researcher/malware analyst.

This position is a key one in the Citizen Lab, so we are looking for someone who can work full time and who would ideally live in or move to Toronto, Canada.
I can attest to the fine work environment, which is situated in a heritage building with a 19th century-era observatory turret that we now call our "Jedi Council Room", a James Bond-like skylight, and regular spreads of delicious food from exotic places. It's a good job for a person who, like me, "has a problem with authority." ;)

Job Posting: Security Researcher / Malware Analyst

[Citizenlab/University of Toronto]