Bite into a pastry, find a diamond

Tomorrow, buying a puff pastry in a French boulangerie will be as exciting as buying a chocolate Wonka Bar. Almost. But rather than looking for a golden ticket to win a magical chocolate factory, pastry lovers will have the chance of finding a faux diamond hidden in the almond cream of one of 800 galettes, which they can then exchange at a local boutique for a .20 carat diamond worth 600 euros.

On January 6, French bakers Nicolas and Julie Lelut will be holding their treasure hunt at two locations – one in their Paris shop, Delices de Belleville, where a pastry will reward someone with a white diamond. The second hunt will take place at their L'Amandine shop in Custines, where the winning pastry will offer a blue diamond. No word on whether or not they'll pay the dentist bill in case of a chipped tooth.

Thanks Oddity Central!