Star Wars Wars: the first six movies, overlaid

Marcus Rosentrater composited the first six Star Wars movies into a single videostream, with the audio mixed so that you can — more or less — work out all the individual dialog and SFX, and with selective transparency in the video streams to let the action from each frame shine through the overlays (you can also watch a similar work created with just the original trilogy).

There was also a grid-view version that has been taken down by Disney. The overlay video was available for a while last year on Youtube, but has been taken down — Rosentrater has uploaded it to Vimeo. Watch it while you can.

Star Wars Wars started with a simple desire to hear how all the opening title themes sounded being played simultaneously. Obviously that ballooned into wanting to hear it with sound effects, and then wanting to see all the images at the same time. I found an effect (a "blending mode" called "lighter color", "lighten", or "max" depending on your software) that takes the given layers of video and only displays the layer with brightest pixel. This is why Hoth blows everything away, why lightsabers, explosions, and blasters always show up, etc. I played around with contrast of each film to get it blended to my preference, and mixed the audio so they all had equal share in the soundtrack.

In March of 2015 I did a test with the first 10 minutes of all 6 Star Wars films overlaid on top of one another, and uploaded it to YouTube. People liked it. I decided to attempt to produce the entire length of all the films.

Star Wars Wars [Marcus Rosentrater]