Mascot Zodiac: the animals inside us that let us be more than ourselves

Last month at the LA Comics Arts Festival, I met David Wolter, a Dreamworks animator who draws the autiobiographical indie webcomic Mascot Zodiac.

I came home with the first two collected issues of his comic, and they're beautiful and sweet.

Mascot Zodiac tells the story of Wolter's discovery of the power of imagination — starting with an old pink bat sticker that he put on his bike, sending him into imaginative flights around his neighborhood, and then into the way that toys and dress-up costumes helped him connect to confidence and creativity he'd never known was inside him. The second book — which starts with Wolter accompanying his parents to a big football game — continues with his revelation that adults use "mascots" to project themselves beyond their own limitations, too.

The books are beautifully drawn, and the story is beautifully told. The full story (to date!) is online, free, at Wolter's site.

Mascot Zodiac [David Wolter]