PEW PEW! Best Star Wars shirt evar

I spotted a kid wearing one of these yesterday and was disappointed that all he knew was that his dad got it somewhere; luckily it turned out to be a quick search away. Read the rest

University of Maryland claims sponsor's chocolate milk helps concussion recovery

The University of Maryland's Maryland Industrial Partnerships program hooks up researchers with businesses: just before Christmas, MIPS sent out a press-release claiming that a local brand of chocolate milk aided in recovery from concussions sustained playing high school football. Read the rest

Save 96% and master web design with the Learn to Design 2016 Bundle

UX and UI designers are some of the most in-demand positions in the tech world--and those positions could be yours. Dive into nine courses on everything from front-end coding to prototyping to designing for mobile--this bundle will fill your resume with valid skills that will definitely draw recruiters' eyes your way. It's a new year. Resolve to start something great.

Get the Learn to Design 2016 bundle for only $39 in the Boing Boing store today. 

Here's a breakdown of the 9 courses you receive in the bundle: 

1 Mobile App Design in Sketch 3: Learn UX/UI From Scratch $199 Value 2 Master Web Design in Photoshop $199 Value 3 Mobile App Design: Learn UX/UI and Start Freelancing Career $199 Value 4 Creating a Responsive Web Design $150 Value 5 Web Design: HTML & CSS For Rookies $147 Value 6 Rapid Prototyping for Entrepreneurs - Build a Demo in 2 Hours $97 Value 7 Bootstrap UI Development For Everyone $80 Value 8 Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-Hours $79 Value 9 Mobile First & Responsive Web Design: Build Modern Websites! $59 Value Read the rest

Bowie, Eno and serendipity

Tim Harford (previously) writes, "My TED talk just went live - among other things it's about Bowie and Eno's creative process on the Berlin albums. It's rather sadly timed but I hope you like it." Read the rest

Mourning David Bowie (photos)

Images from around the world today, as fans mourn the death of David Bowie. He died Sunday, January 10, 2016. He was 69, and had been receiving treatment for cancer for 18 months, according to reports. Read the rest

North Korea blasts loudspeakers at South Korea because South is blasting North with same

If the history of North/South Korean loudspeaker aggression is any indication, we're looking at a high risk of bullets flying over the border soon. First comes the noise, then comes the artillery fire.

North Korea is doubling down on its loudspeaker psy-ops along the inter-Korean border in retaliation for South Korea's amplified K-pop music and shade-throwing at Kim Jung Un.


South Korea's loudspeaker broadcasts aimed at North Korea push the rivals to the "brink of war," a top North Korean official has told a propaganda rally, in the isolated country's first official response to the sonic barrage across its border.

North Korea's fourth nuclear test on Wednesday angered both the United States and China, which was not given prior notice, although the U.S. government and weapons experts doubt the North's claim that the device it set off was a hydrogen bomb.

In retaliation for the test, South Korea on Friday unleashed a ear-splitting propaganda barrage. The last time South Korea deployed the loudspeakers, in August 2015, it triggered an exchange of artillery fire.

"Jealous of the successful test of our first H-bomb, the U.S. and its followers are driving the situation to the brink of war, by saying they have resumed psychological broadcasts and brought in strategic bombers," said North Korea's Kim Ki Nam, who is head of the ruling Workers' Party propaganda department.

State media on Friday published this sick burn of an official insult along with photos of a rally on Friday which suggested that thousands of people gathered in central Pyongyang, holding signs honoring leader Kim Jong Un. Read the rest

Chelsea Manning reviews book of Aaron Swartz's writing

Today is the third anniversary of Aaron Swartz's death, and it was marked by the publication of an anthology of Aaron's writing, The Boy Who Could Change the World: The Writings of Aaron Swartz with an introduction by Lawrence Lessig (I wrote an introduction to one of the sections). Read the rest

IOS 9.3 will let you dim display's blue light to help your brain shift towards sleep

Apple today unveiled a teaser of what's in store in the latest iOS release, 9.3. Among the “numerous innovations” promised: a blue light dimmer to “help you get a good night’s sleep.” Read the rest

Price cut on 'Silence Of The Lambs' House

On the market for some time, the house of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs has been cut in price by $50,000. More than an hour out of town, the four-bedroom home has another serious flaw: there's only one bathroom.

If the hose doesn't even reach the basement, how do they expect to find a buyer? Read the rest

Scenes from a non-coercive prison

Laurie Penny's new science fiction story "The House of Surrender" is a bittersweet little mindbomb about rape (trigger warning), coercion, prison, and what a society without locks would do with the people who hurt others. Read the rest

Video: All the classic movie references hidden in Pixar's animated films

Okay, this may not in fact be ALL of the classic movie references in animated films from Pixar, but it's a whole lot of 'em. Read the rest

This is the best $(removed) I've spent on a cat toy

The Cat Dancer is a 30-inch piece of wire with some little cardboard cylinders on the end. My cats go crazy for it. I stuck it on the wall with the adhesive mount, but I ended up taking it off so I could hold it and play directly with my cats. That way they won't get bored as quickly. Now they start meowing when they see me take it out of the drawer. It's $(removed) on Amazon. Read the rest

New documents shed light on secret DoJ rules for targeting journalists with National Security Letters

In July 2015, Freedom of the Press Foundation sued the Justice Department (DOJ) over the agency’s secret rules governing how the FBI can target members of the media with due process-free National Security Letters, and we have just received documents back in the ongoing lawsuit. Read the rest

The carpets of CES, 2016 edition

CES attendee Kusmeroglu archived the beautiful carpets to be found at the convention centers, halls and hotel walkways over which the electronics show sprawls. [via Dean Putney]

Previously: Carpets of CES, 2011 edition. The Best Free Pens of CES Read the rest

Gold skull armchair

Not sure about Pesco's new throne. [HAROW via CBR]

Read the rest

San Franciscans: come to the DNA Lounge for Cyberdelia, see Tank Girl, use the Linux Payphone

JWZ of San Francisco's DNA Lounge writes, "First, I reverse engineered an old payphone and turned it into a Linux computer. This was a ridiculous thing to do and my build log is ridiculous. Second: The reason I did this was to use it as a prop at our next HACKERS party." Read the rest

The Dungeons and Dragons cartoon was better than it had any right to be

The Retroblasting Youtube show -- which covers the 1980s cartoons that were made as 22-minute ads for toys after Reagan removed regulations aimed at protecting children from televised exploitation -- takes an in-depth look at the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, a rare example of a show from the era that didn't have a toy tie-in. Read the rest

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