Oregon's domestic terrorists just got 55 gal of lube to go with all those dildos

In 2009, Indian women sent pink underwear to Shri Ram Sene, a right-wing, conservative Hindu organization that had promoted street-violence against women who were perceived as "immodest."

America has its own right-wing ultraconservative terrorists, the domestic terrorists whose fairy-tale history demands that they take up arms and seize federal land to demand the right of cattle barons to receive a public subsidy in the form of grazing rights.

Ever since they announced that they forgot to bring food to sustain them through the long siege they desperately craved, people have been sending them mail-order dildos in discreet packagings, to their evident frustration.

Those guys need a loosening up, for sure.

Enter Max "Cards Against Humanity" Temkin, who mailed them a 55-gallon drum of personal lube — one of Amazon's all-time gag items.

Update: From the comments, Brainspore wins the Internet: "Just because they don't respect SOME laws doesn't mean that they're going to dump a 55-gallon drum of lubricant into a nature reserve.

"That's just a slippery slope argument."