Kickstarting an unbelievably cute otter-shaped tea-steeper

The otter perches on your teacup's rim while the tea steeps, staring adorably at you while it goes.

It's from our pals at Gama-Go, who have an excellent track record on making stuff and getting it into peoples' hands, so I would feel safe buying into this campaign. $8 gets you a single early-bird Tea Otter.

GAMAGO senior product designer, Chip Beal, was tasked with bringing the Tea Otter to life. He started (as always) with pencil on paper sketching. Chip's childhood affection for sea otters served him well – as did several hours in front of the Monterey Bay Aquarium's mesmerizing Otter Cam.

After snapping out of what can only be described as an otter-induced hypnosis, Chip's sketching quickly took shape. We then rapidly moved through the process of prototyping. Fit and finish, functionality, durability – we were soon well-pleased by the samples we were receiving from our long-time manufacturing partner.

We are now ready to complete mold tooling and move into production. To do so, we need your help.

The Tea Otter Tea Steeper – Make the Cutest Tea on Earth [Gama-Go/Kickstarter]