Transreal Cyberpunk! Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling's book of annotated, seminal cyberpunk fiction

Rudy Rucker writes, "Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling's collection of nine jointly written stories is out in ebook and paperback: Transreal Cyberpunk!"

The volume includes authors' notes on each of the stories, detailing Bruce and Rudy's sometimes fractious, sometimes ecstatic process of collaboration.

Transreal Cyberpunk includes two new and previously unpublished stories: "Totem Poles" and "Kraken and Sage."

As a final bonus, you can stream Rudy and Bruce reading the stories — for free.

"Even readers familiar with Rucker and Sterling writing on their own will be amazed by what their combined impudence and erudition yields." — From Rob Latham's Intro.

Transreal Cyberpunk [Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling]

Transreal Cyberpunk