I've been a fan since I first saw photographs of Bobby Love's stunning costume designs! Images of his work fill several of my friends Facebook feeds, and I had to learn more about him! I hope you enjoy these photos, and his story, as much as I do! — Jason

"Fantasy couture designer Bobby Love lives in a fantastical world populated by circus performers, artists and other worldly creatures. His whimsical fashion and costume designs featured here are influenced by legendary Art Deco master Erte, whom he names all his parrots after.




Born in Hong Kong, Bobby Love attended Chapman University at age 16 (youngest in his class), and went on to earn post graduate degrees in Business Administration and Psychology from USC. Through his first job working graveyard shift at a psychiatric hospital for 3 years, he learned to think quickly on his feet and handle unpredictable situations. The ability to empathize and be a good listener would be important skills he acquired.



Arriving in Hollywood at age 20, Bobby Love worked diligently and achieved a successful business career. However, he also knew he needed an outlet to express his artistic creativity. Bobby started his hobby of sketching fashion designs at age 14. This is a passion which led to him meeting many artists and performers, ultimately inspiring him to create the many fantastical fantasy couture wardrobe we see today.



Designing between 20 to 30 "suites" a year using only his free time on weekends, each "suite" represents a different fantasy/mythical theme and may include a coat, vest, matching pants, hat and accessories. Traveling to Hong Kong twice yearly with exotic fabrics and trims during family visits, his resourceful tailor Simpson turns these detailed sketches into whimsical fantasy wardrobe which Bobby debuts at West Coast fantasy events and conventions. He is best known for bringing multiple elaborate costume changes to each event, is popular with photographers and usually wows everyone with their originality and sense of playfulness.



Bobby Love's fantasy couture photos have been featured in LA Weekly, OC Weekly, TwoMaverix.com among many other magazine, photography and cosplay websites. He also collaborates with local artists Christopher and Shannon Hoage to create his unique hats as wearable art. Although this is strictly a hobby and not a business, Bobby appears to have found his true passion and happiness. With the increasing popularity of fantasy and sci-fi themes in movies, television and the explosive growth of cosplay conventions both domestically and overseas, Bobby Love's imaginative fantasy designs are quite timely indeed.


Below are a few recent comments regarding Bobby Love's couture designs from his appreciative audience:

"Vibrance personified!!"

"THAT HAT!!!!!!! I absolutely call dibs should you EVER decide to part with it. #WearableArt"

"A moment of personified fantasy, immortalized on film! Thx 4 this"

"You never fail to make me smile!"




The photos featured in this article are from Bobby Love's two recent design collections – "Alice in Wonderland" and "Venice Carnevale", and include the lyrical Cinderella Golden Pumpkin Carriage hat and the Circus Wedding Cake hat. Many of these fantastical photos are taken by the talented Star Foreman, contributing photographer of LA Weekly and OC Weekly Magazine. They feature popular performers including Bobby's second family and muse the fabulous Flying Morgans – Gary, Suzy, Molly and Bonnie Morgan, and their photogenic parrot Picasso. Bobby shares his whimsical creations with friends via the photography website www.HappyPlaceDesignStudio.com."