Hacker puppets and Jean Claude Van Damme demonstrate how the internet crosses the ocean

Gus writes, "How does the Internet cross the ocean? Ask a random person and they will probably guess 'satellites' — it just seems easier than wires, right?"

The Media Show's latest episode deals with the common misconception that your packets take to the air when you try to reach sites overseas. Puppets Weena and Erna use their favorite strategy — brutalizing their sock-puppet interns — to show what happens to the undersea cables that bring you your favorite animés or news from international protests.

Featuring a cameo from Jean-Claude Van Damme, international star of many action movies and, thanks to his team and Funny Or Die, star of license-free greenscreen footage that pretends it's from action movies! (We're not sure JCVD's team expected this footage to end up in an educational video, but we hope they appreciate the results. Thanks for contributing to the commons, JCVD!)

(Incidentally, The Media Show is looking to evolve to its next stage. Channels looking to support and produce innovative digital education content and/or Adbusters-like media jamming are encouraged to get in touch with the show by email — themediashow at gmail.)