Who is the most corrupt of them all? 2016's international rankings out

Transparency International released its annual Corruption Perception Index, an international ranking of where the government graft grows.

At the Washington Post, Dan Hough summarizes the index's limitations, winners and losers.

The 2015 results are in many ways predictable. Denmark (91) came out on top for the second year running, and the other Nordic countries also did well; Finland (90) came second, Sweden (89) third, and Norway (87) tied for fifth. Also in the top five: New Zealand (88) at fourth, and the Netherlands (87) tied with Norway at fifth. At the wrong end of the table, Somalia (8) and North Korea (8) came in tied for 167th (and therefore last), and war-torn states, such as Afghanistan (11), Sudan (12) and South Sudan (15), fared dismally.