Breastfeeding stickers turn mom's nursing breast into "fruit"

Ad agency Boone Oakley created a provocative campaign in posters and stickers for hospitals to promote breastfeeding to first-time moms.

Women and Babies Hospital in Lancaster, PA is the first hospital to use the stickers and posters. The design of the stickers resembles those little produce tags you'd seeon an orange or banana at the grocery store. But these stickers are slapped on "real woman" models' breasts to deliver pro-breastfeeding messages like like "the best nutrition for your baby is you," and "100% natural." Adland has more on the campaign.



The model casting asked for nursing or pregnant women, who weren't professional models. Anatomically, Boone Oakley were looking for full, natural, breasts, not surgically "perfect" ones. It took them a while too, as they explain there was a "wall covered with hundreds of breasts" that had to be hastily removed before client visits in their office.

While I applaud both the model selection, and the memory aid idea is a practical one I can see being useful, I'm not sure sure photos of boobs helps women choose nursing. We all already know it's best for our babies, the hurdle is to get the nursing started and that's where hospital information and help fails. Here's yet another campaign that's not addressing that issue. But now you'll have great tits in your agency portfolio, so I guess that's good?

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