Kickstarting a set of super-nerdy, pan-dimensional RPG dice

David sez, "The Tesseract Dice are unique, science themed dice, with shapes ranging from 4-D cubes, to Tesla coils to atomic explosions. Its goal is to bring unique and fun science themed game pieces to the gaming community."

This is the second iteration of this project for David; given that he completed the first, the campaign feels like a good bet on completion/fulfillment. $10 gets you 2 dice, options go up to $120 for a "full set" of dice, which includes some pretty bonkers designs. I ordered a whole set.

If you are using these dice to play D&D with your friends, these dice are very well balanced and will be perfect for you!

If you, perhaps, wanted to play craps with a supernova d20 in las vegas, or perhaps rolling away at a cantina in Mos Eisley, where Jabaa might have your head if he thought you were cheating - these dice may not be for you. We do not claim to be as accurate as Casino machined dice by any means.

Otherwise, they are darn near perfectly symmetrical, down to 1/25 of a millimeter, and if you don't mind rolling an extra 20 in every 1,000 rolls or so, then go ahead and beam aboard our ship and join us on our journey to make these cool dice!

Tesseract Dice (D6 and polyhedral Science Dice) [David Franklin/Kickstarter]