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Take a deep breath. Now exhale. Wouldn't that whole breathing thing be a lot better with an amazing vape in your hands? How about a vape that's specifically engineered and designed for dry leaf and crazy easy to both use and clean? You can save 28% right now when you nab this new FEZ Vaporizer that's all that and way more. It's about to be your new best friend and never leave your hands. Keep it on the down low, but make it high tech, that's their motto and it might be yours soon too.

You can plug this baby into your laptop or any USB outlet to fully charge up fast. With one full battery you'll get over two thousand puffs. That's quite the lifespan after one plug-in. And speaking of speed, it heats right up in under sixty seconds. All those flavors you love are captured here plus that incredible aroma. The temperature controlled design is made for dry flower consumption with its wide range of heat options to match your preferences.

It's super easy to clean so you can keep everything ship shape and looking good. Just spray with the alcohol provided and wipe it down with the cute little brush. The alloy polycarbonate is strong but super lightweight so you can tote it anywhere you go, totally discreetly in your pocket or bag. With the long lasting battery life, you're good to go for a while. Right now you can take 28% off and even get free shipping within the continental US. Check out the link below for more details.

Right now you can get the FEZ Vaporizer for over 25% off in the Boing Boing Store.